Join The Academy's Giving Society Today!

The Giving Society is a dedicated group of parents, grandparents, alumni and friends of The Academy that partner with and believe in The Academy’s vision to the extent that they have chosen to invest financially beyond tuition.

Giving Society members create a sustainable foundation for The Academy’s mission by making a commitment to give for each of the next five years:

  • $1,000 annually ($85/month)
  • $5,000 annually ($415/month)
  • $10,000 annually ($850/month)

Proceeds from the Giving Society help The Academy maintain and enhance our school culture, including small class sizes, teacher compensation packages, and competitive tuition rates.

Members are our lifeline and we are committed to keeping them plugged in to the mission and vision they support.

Member only events and opportunities

  • As a way to recognize you and have you meet other Giving Society members that care for the same cause, members are invited to special events and receptions throughout the year. These are opportunities for us to share our appreciation for you and give insight into our institution directly from Academy leadership.

News to keep you in the loop on life at The Academy

  • We want you to know the impact of your generosity! As a giving society member, you'll get special updates, newsletters, and behind-the-scenes info about The Academy.

Annual token of our appreciation

  • A commemorative coin based on the year’s special objectives for those that have made their annual contribution. It is a small, physical token of our appreciation for you and is quickly becoming a collection that will tell our story as we grow through the years.

To make a one-time donation without joining the Giving Society,  click here. 

You may also mail checks (made payable to The Academy) to:


The Academy of Classical Christian Studies

1120 E Hefner Rd

Oklahoma City, OK 73131

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Development Contact Info:

Jamie Howell
Phone: (405) 478-2077 (ext. 102)
Email: giving@theacademyok.org