Latin at The Academy

Because a civilization’s history and culture arise from and are communicated through its language, the study of Latin is essential to students’ understanding of their own cultural history and identity. Students at The Academy study Latin in 3rd through 9th grade.

There are many reasons to teach Latin early. Not only does it provide a foundation for learning other romance languages and extend students’ English vocabulary tremendously, but it also sharpens students’ analytical skills to prepare them for the logic stage in middle school. Thus, learning Latin can enhance students’ reading and writing skills, as well as math and science skills.

The Latin program can be categorized into three sections. The first, encompassing grades three through five, is an introductory section. Here, students are introduced to some of the basic word forms and vocabulary. They translate simple sentences to get a foundational understanding of how Latin words are used.

The second section is in sixth grade. This is a transitional year, as students are reintroduced to the basic forms, but then quickly move on to more complex forms and a larger body of vocabulary. This section transitions students in to the advanced study of Latin that will take place in grades seven and eight. Because students are reintroduced to forms, new students are able to enter the program here without missing any material previously covered.

When students enter the academy in 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th or 9th grade, technically they are “off-track”, meaning they are in a place behind their peers. In order to assist them in catching up, we offer a Latin workshop at the beginning of each summer to introduce them to Latin and the various concepts that they will encounter during the school year. Our hope is that they will use this as a spring board to study Latin over the summer. Each campus also offers Latin tutoring during the summer, if so desired, to assist students. The Academy offers families an opportunity to audit latin for one year in order to allow them time to catch up. After this year, the expectations that students will be on grade level. However, with the latin workshop and diligent summer study, many students are able to quickly integrate into the Latin pacing of their class and do not need the audit year. Dates and details for the Latin workshop will be posted on the calendar and under admissions