Music at The Academy

Music at The Academy brings the beauty of God’s creation directly to the students. Beginning with the earliest years, the teacher guides the voice, the most expressive instrument, in a way that will lay the foundation for any future music participation whether it be in performance or as a skilled listener. 

The skill of truly listening is taught through exposure to great works of music sacred and secular: folk, liturgical, and classical. Students learn to distinguish tone, color, timbre, proportion, line, and pattern in musical works. This enables participatory listening where the mind and heart are truly engaged in the music, not passive listening that relegates music to the background of our lives.

Musical creation is the culmination of our studies. The practice of making music helps to correctly align our desires to create a beautiful whole with others. Students are exposed to the best music, from ancient chants to contemporary compositions. They are guided into creating beauty, obtaining rare glimpses of who God is and how he has created us.