Post Secondary Advising

The Academy is both a college preparatory and a Kingdom preparatory school. Supporting this vision, Post-Secondary Advising:

  • Helps students to understand themselves, their unique giftings and personal stories
  • Provides students and their parents with the practical tools to explore and plan for postgraduation options 
  • Supports students in the college search and application process
  • Calls students to see this next step into adulthood in a holistic way, planning a future they can live with integrity between their faith and all aspects of their life, manifesting the mission and values planted deep within them during their time at the Academy.

The Academy's School Profile

Download The Academy’s School Profile here.

Dual Credit Program

The Academy partners with Oklahoma Christian University and Colorado Christian University to offer dual credit classes to high school students at The Academy. 


  • 11th Grade – Composition I
  • 12th Grade – Composition II


  • 11th Grade – Pre-Calculus
  • 12th Grade – Calculus

Fine Arts/Humanities

  • 10th Grade – Aesthetics
  • 12th Grade – Comparative Religions
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Department Contact Info

Julianna Osuna, Post Secondary Advisor

1201 N. Robinson, OKC, OK 73101

(405) 478-2077


The Academy CEEB Code: 370027
"The greatest thing is to be found at one's post as a child of God, living each day as though it were our last, but planning as though our world might last a hundred years."