Oklahoma Tax Credit


What is an SGO?

The Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Act (68 Okla. Stat. § 2357.206) allows individuals and qualified business entities to receive Oklahoma state income tax credits for donating to a Scholarship Granting Organization (“SGO”) recognized by the Oklahoma Tax Commission. The SGO then uses those contributions to provide scholarships for eligible students to attend an accredited private school like The Academy. The Academy Opportunity Scholarship Fund is an SGO that works exclusively with The Academy.

How much is the credit?

  • 75% of your donation with a 2-year pledge.
  • 50% of your donation with a 1-time gift.

Are there limits to the credit?

  • The credit is capped at $2,000 if Married Filing Jointly 
  • The credit is capped at $100,000 for a Qualified Business Entity

Where can I learn more?

Click this link for more information! 

Step 1: Make your pledge

Make your donation TODAY. Start by submitting the online form or by downloading and printing it to submit with your donation.

Step 2: Mail in your check

Mail checks to….

The Academy Opportunity Scholarship Fund
Attn: C/O UTEC Corporation LLC,
222 Eufaula Street, Suite 120, Norman, OK 73069

Step 3: Claim your credit

Don’t forget to claim the applicable credits and deductions when filing your taxes!