• Do the St. Joseph's staff administer ABA therapy?

    Comprised of BCBA-supervised RBTs and BTs, our St. Joseph’s staff employ principles of ABA therapy while invoking other evidence-based methods of intervention in the classroom.  Our RBTs and BTs receive neurodiversity-affirming training that distinguishes cooperation from consent, pursuant to Dr. Hanley’s “Today’s ABA” methodology.  Staff are also trained in TBRI, allowing them to foster a grace-based learning environment that priorities the child’s safety, dignity, autonomy, and assumed competence.

  • Do the St. Joseph's students receive a classical education?

    In addition to each child’s individual Behavior Plan, each St. Joseph’s student also learns according to an individualized Academic Plan, which includes a heavily modified classical curriculum that is specifically designed to meet each St. Joseph’s child where they are.

  • Do the St. Joseph's students have separate classrooms?

    Our St. Joseph’s students have their own classrooms under the guidance of their own staff, while still enjoying meaningful opportunities to take part in the liturgical rhythms of the day alongside their neurotypical schoolmates.

  • Is St. Joseph's open for enrollment?

    At this time, our St. Joseph’s program is full.  If you’d like to learn more about potential future opportunities for enrollment, please reach out to St. Joseph’s Liaison Jennifer Stall: jstall@theacademyok.org.

  • What if my child's needs aren't severe enough for my family to benefit from St. Joseph's, but are too severe for a 504 plan within the existing Academy accommodations offerings?

    The Academy has long desired the opportunity to accommodate students whose needs extend beyond a 504 plan. While we have historically lacked the resources and staff to implement such a task, we are committed to continued growth in the provision and support of these students, and anticipate we will continue to grow in our understanding of how to meet the fullest possible variety of learning needs. Meanwhile, we recognize that the St. Joseph’s pilot is not the answer to every kind of student need, but it is an important answer to a particular need, while The Academy continues a full review of ways we can help as many children as possible.