The South Campus Serials – 1.15.21

From your south campus principal, Grant Bickell

I love comics. I didn’t love comic books, necessarily, but the daily comic strips in the newspaper when I was growing up. I love the little quips and the author’s ability to take on current topics. As a kid, I would rush into the living room to grab The Hawkeye (our local southeast Iowa paper) and rip the comics page out of the Classifieds section. My love of Garfield, Zits, Beetle Bailey, and more came from the times spent pouring over these newspapers. The Family Circus was one comic I never appreciated, but as I remember these as an adult, I understand them now.

Bil and Thel (Dad and Mom) are standing in the doorway looking over their children tucked into their beds with a huge mess between them. Seemingly every toy is on the floor, the sheets are hanging off the beds, and the two boys were fast asleep with arms reaching out towards all the fun. The caption at the bottom says it all, “The days are long, but the years are short.” At that moment, I thought it was the dumbest comic I had ever read. Now, as a father of five (with another on the way), I understand this comic fully. There are so many nights we get our kids to bed only to realize we have to step over a minefield of kitchen toys, Lego, and baby dolls to get back out of the room.

Don’t so many days feel like they will never end? Yet, ask any people older than you, and their time seems to have slipped away. As we press on into another month of COVID, the middle of winter, and the 3rd quarter (Which I can never prove, but I’m pretty sure it has twice as many days as every other quarter;) remember the end goal. Our goal is to pass on the faith to another generation by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, especially when it feels like we are ready for bedtime, but it’s only 4:37.

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Christmas Feast Photo Contest

The Judd family won our gift card for their feast photos! Way to go! 

Upcoming Events

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  • January 19 Chapel. Formal Day.
  • January 20 Moses Project 2&3 of 4. After Matins.
  • January 25 Chapel Day. Formal Day.
  • January 25 Optional Speech Meet Practice After School.
  • January 27 View Event. 9:00 am.
  • January 27 Bake Sale – Ambrose.
  • January 27 2nd Grade Festival.*** Greek Festival.
  • January 28 Parent Forum at Midtown 7:00 pm.
  • January 31 Re-enrollment closes.
  • February 1 New Student Enrollment Opens.
  • February 1 Moses Project 4 of 4. After Matins.
  • February 1 Staff Meeting after School.
  • February 2 Chapel. Formal Day.
  • February 3 Spirit Day. House Meetings.
  • February 5 Teacher Winter In-Service at Midtown Campus. Students dismissed at 11:35.
  • Febuary 8 Chapel. Formal Day.
  • February 8 Class Portraits. Formal Day.
  • February 8-9 Speech Meet Preliminaries. Formal Day.
  • February 10 Speech Meet Finals.
  • February 10 Bake Sale – Benedict.
  • February 12 Faculty Talent Show Rehearsal. 5:00-10:00 pm at Midtown.
  • February 13 Faculty Talent Show. 7:00 pm at Midtown.
  • February 15-16 MID-WINTER BREAK – NO SCHOOL.
  • February 17 Kinder Festival. *** Around the World
  • February 22 Chapel. Formal Day.
  • February 24 Donuts with Dad. 7:15-8:00 am.
  • February 25 View Event. 9:00 am.
  • February 27 Dialectic Dance at Midtown 7:00 pm.